TFT / LCD Display

Data Display TFT/LCD Displays (Thin Film Transistor/ Liquid Crystal Displays) have been designed to give exceptional performance in demanding environments.

Flat screen displays were designed as an alternative to CRT/Monitor technology. The TFT/LCD range incorporates a Single Board Computer that offers all the possibilities of a multi media product.
Key Benefits:

• Wide range of panel sizes and types available from 15” -40”
• Ruggedised version for harsher environments
• Full colour displays, which are aesthetically pleasing
• Facilitate ambient light control (brightness control)
• Include a scrollbar option
• Offer web-based solutions

London Underground DIPS London Underground DIMS Electronic Service Update Boards (LUL), UK Barbican Centre, London Liverpool South Parkway Station, UK Newcastle Airport, UK Chiltern Railways, UK VIX ACIS, Hampshire, UK Heuston Station TFTs, Ireland Brampton-BRT Stansted Airport, UK O'Neil Cinemas, USA Dockland Light Railway (DLR), UK